Country Living (3)

Living in the country has taught me to be satisfied with what I have. My family and I heat our home with wood in the winter. In the summer, we let the breezes keep us cool. We grow food in our garden. My husband hunts and fishes to provide us with some of our food. We live a simple, satisfying life on our farm.
In our Bible Reading, David talked about being satisfied. He said that when God took care of him, he was satisfied as if he had eaten the best foods. David was the king of Israel. I am sure he had much wealth. He could have anything in the world he wanted. But he was satisfied with knowing God.
Many people today have a lot of money and possessions. They think they are satisfied with these things. But David knew that only God can truly satisfy people. Money and possessions can be destroyed. But God’s love continues forever.
God wants to love you and help you be truly satisfied. Depend on Him to help you today.