Country Living (4)

One of the awesome things about living in the country is being able to watch the weather. We live on a hill, so we can see around us for many miles. The sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful. The star-filled night skies are wonderful. But I think I am most impressed with the clouds.
We see all kinds of clouds from our farm. In the winter we can see the low, dark clouds that are filled with snow and strong winds. During the summer we often see clouds from which tornadoes form. When I look up and watch the swirling clouds, I remember that God has great power. And I remember that God is in control of everything in the universe.
Our Bible Reading today is a song of praise. In this psalm, David talked about how God made the mountains and sent the rains. David believed that God was in control. Because of that, David said, “Everyone is singing and shouting with happiness” (verse 13b).
I hope you will be happy today because God is in control of your life.