Crab Apple Trees

There are two crab apple trees in my yard. Both trees have beautiful flowers. Many people notice the wonderful smell of their blossoms. One tree grows very well. But the other tree requires a lot of work.

The second tree spreads out in a wide circle. Its branches grow and become tangled with each other. Sometimes these branches grow into a hedge on the side of our yard. Or some branches grow over our driveway. They scrape our car and get into my hair when I get out of the car. This tree can become a big problem if my husband doesn’t keep trimming it.

Sometimes we can be like the second tree. We may become tangled up with doing wrong things and disobeying God. Verse 9 of our Bible Reading says that if we confess these sins, “God will forgive us.” God will make us clean and help us do things that please Him.

Are you entangled in sin? Ask God to forgive you and make you clean again.