Yesterday we talked about thankfulness. Today and for the next three days, we will talk about things we should be thankful for.

We should be thankful for the world that God made for us. It is easy to pray a quick prayer and thank God for the whole earth. But maybe we should take time every day to really experience the world. Have you ever looked at a soap bubble? When light hits the bubble, you can see all the colors of the rainbow. Have you ever stopped when you were outside and smelled a flower or felt the rough bark of a tall tree? God made these things for us to enjoy and to show us His love.

Many Old Testament psalms talk about many things in the world that God made for us — the sun, the moon, the stars, animals, birds and fish. Psalm 136:5-6 reminds us about His creation. “Praise the one who used wisdom to make the skies! His faithful love will last forever. He spread the land over the sea. His faithful love will last forever.” We should be thankful for everything God has made. When we are thankful, we are reminded about how much He loves us.

Instead of complaining today, take time to look at the world around you. Praise God for His wonderful creation!