Some people talk about having a mid-life crisis. This usually happens to a person who is between forty and 60 years old. This person looks back at his life and realizes that he is getting older. Maybe he is sad because he thinks he has wasted his life.
Many people look forward to growing old and retiring. But even if we have plenty of money for retirement, that will not take care of the crisis that many people fear the most — death!
In our Bible Reading today, the writer calls to God for help. Why? Because he realizes that his life is almost finished. In verses 23 and 24, he writes, “My strength failed me. My life is cut short. So I said, ‘Don’t let me die while I am still young. God, you will live forever and ever!’”
The writer of this psalm shares his fears and the things that discourage him. But he does not say these things and then stop. The writer ends the psalm by praising God.
We may face many crises in our lives. But we need to always depend on God and praise Him for what He has done.