Crowds are everywhere! People shop in crowded stores. They sit in crowded airports and train stations. Many church buildings are crowded with people on Sunday mornings.
Our Bible Reading today tells us some things about Zacchaeus — he was wealthy, he was a tax collector and he was short. I am only five feet tall. Sometimes I feel very small when I am in a crowd. Zacchaeus must have felt that way, too.
When Jesus came to town, Zacchaeus wanted to see Him. But he was too short to see over the crowd. “So he ran to a place where he knew Jesus would come. Then he climbed a sycamore tree so he could see him” (verse 4). Jesus went to Zacchaeus’ home, and Zacchaeus changed his life.
There are many people in the world who are like Zacchaeus. They are sinners who do not know Jesus. Reach out to those people today. Help them change their lives and follow Jesus.