Crows are very noisy birds. They are all black. Crows usually travel in flocks. They rob the nests of other birds and eat the eggs. Sometimes crows even eat the young of other birds.
We have a birdbath in our yard. My wife keeps it filled with water. All kinds of birds come there to bathe and drink. It is a peaceful place. But if a crow comes to the birdbath, the other birds will fly away. These other birds do not trust the crow. They do not want the crow to hurt them, so they leave immediately.
This reminds me of our Bible Reading today. The other birds stay away from crows. In the same way, these verses tell us to stay away from people who have foolish arguments. These people cause problems in the church. Their arguments are more important to them than loving and serving God.
Don’t listen to foolish arguments. Stay away from them. Then you will please God.