Dad and Mom

Jason and his parents were Christians. Jason loved to watch movies. But his parents had a rule: Jason could not watch R-rated movies. Jason was very careful to obey his parents? rule.
One day Jason stayed with his friend, Bill. Bill?s parents let him watch any movie he wanted to watch. After supper, Bill and Jason decided to watch a movie. Bill chose an R-rated movie. Jason told Bill that he was not supposed to watch those movies. Bill said, ?Your parents are not here. They will never know if you watch this movie.? So Jason agreed to watch the movie.
One of God?s most important rules is that children should honor their parents. When Jason watched the R-rated movie, he was not honoring his parents. Our Bible Reading today tells us that Jesus always respected His earthly parents. Verse 51b says, ?He obeyed everything his parents said.?
God wants all people to honor their parents. Even if you are an adult, you should still honor your parents. Find ways to show love and respect for your parents today.