Dad’s Devotions (1)

After my dad died in 2011, I found some devotions he had written. He wrote these devotions to share with different groups at the church where he served for more than 75 years. For the next six days, I will share these devotions for you.
But today I want to tell you a little about my dad. He was almost 95 years old when he died. Dad was the youngest of 11 children, and his father died when he was only three months old. I don’t remember ever hearing my dad raise his voice or show any anger. He was a quiet, gentle man. The two most important things in Dad’s life were his faith in God and his family.
Often my dad talked to me about the verses in our Bible Reading for today. “The most important thing a person can do is to respect God and obey his commands” (verse 13b). My dad lived by these words, and he taught me to do the same.
What about you? Will you respect God and obey Him today?