Dad’s Devotions (5)

A farmer owned a farm, but he was not satisfied with it. So he decided to sell it. He called a real estate agent and told him about the farm. The agent took that information and wrote an ad describing the farm.
When the farmer read the ad in the local newspaper, he called the agent. He told the agent that he had decided not to sell the farm. The farmer explained, “When I read that ad, I realized that I already had the farm I had been looking for.”
Sometimes we are like that farmer. We forget about the many blessings God has given us and think that we need something more to satisfy us.
In our Bible Reading, Paul told the Christians in Philippi about the way God had blessed him. Then Paul concluded, “I have everything I need” (verse 18a). God blessed Paul, and He has blessed you, too. Thank God today for the many ways He blesses you.