Dad’s Devotions (6)

My daughter’s dog loves to keep warm. During the winter, my daughter uses a small space heater. The dog loves to sit on the floor next to the heater. Sometimes she will move away from the heater. But soon she will come back and stay close to the heater. The dog knows that is the warmest place to be!
As Christians, we should want to stay close to God. When we are close to Him, we have more strength. God’s strength helps us to stay away from sin and to do His work. If we move away from God, we become spiritually weak.
How can we stay close to God? Psalm 1 tells us that we should “love the Lord’s teachings and think about them day and night” (verse 2). If we do that, we will be like a tree that grows by a river. We will grow stronger in our relationship with God.
I encourage you to find time to read and study God’s Word today. Grow in His love and stay close to Him!