Daily Food

I was in prison.Sometimes the meals were not very good. One day we might have a good meal. The next day the meal might be bad. Maybe the food did not taste good or there wasn?t enough to eat. Sometimes the other prisoners and I complained about the food.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus taught His disciples about prayer. He gave them an example of how they should pray. Verse 3 says, ?Give us the food we need for each day.? We should ask God to give us the food we need each day. Then I think we should always thank God for the food He provides for us.
Maybe I want steak for dinner, but instead I get a hot dog. I should still be thankful for the hot dog, even though it was not what I wanted. I should remember that God gave me the food and that I should thank Him for it.
Think about your attitude today. Will you grumble and complain about the food you eat? Or will you be thankful for what God has given you?