When I was 42 years old, I went back to college. I took a ballroom dancing class for physical education. Most of the time I was humiliated! Many of my partners were 18-year-olds who danced easily. I didn’t even know where to put my feet!
Verse 3 of our Bible Reading says, “Let those people praise God by dancing.” Maybe I am not good at dancing, but I know I am good at dancing in my heart to the Lord.
Last week I was walking in my favorite park. The park was beautiful with its lake filled with ducks and geese. I saw squirrels, and I heard children laughing. As the fog lifted off the lake, I saw fishermen enjoying the early morning. When I saw all these wonderful things, my heart danced.
Then I thought about my husband, children and grandchildren, and my heart danced again. But best of all, I thought about God. Just thinking about what He has done for me made my heart dance.
Think about God today, and try dancing in your heart.