Daniel Obeys God

The king of Babylon defeated the king of Judah. Many Jews were taken captive and sent to Babylon. Our Bible Reading tells us that Daniel and three other young men were part of this group of captives.
The king wanted the young men to be healthy so they could serve him. So the king told his servant to give the men rich food to eat and wine to drink. “Daniel did not want to eat the king’s rich food and wine because it would make him unclean” (verse 8a). Daniel wanted to obey God. So he asked the servant to give him and the other three young men only vegetables to eat and water to drink.
“After ten days, Daniel and his friends looked healthier than all the young men who ate the king’s food” (verse 15). Daniel and his friends obeyed God, and God blessed them. “So these four young men became the king’s servants” (verse 19b).
I hope you will obey God today. If you do, He will bless you!