Dark Times

Sometimes when people are facing problems, they say it is a “dark time” in their life. Their troubles are so overwhelming that it seems that nothing bright and cheerful happens in their lives.
The writer of Psalm 55 was going through a “dark time.” He was scared, and he wanted to run away from his problems. The writer was surrounded by lies, violence and fighting. Even his best friend was causing him trouble.
Then in verses 16 and 17 he says, “I will call to God for help. And the Lord will answer me. I speak to God evening, morning, and noon. I tell him what upsets me, and he listens to me!” The writer ends this psalm by saying in verse 23b, “I will put my trust in you.” Now the writer was coming out of his “dark time” and seeing the “light” of God’s goodness and love.
Maybe you are going through a “dark time” in your life today. Talk to God. Tell Him your worries, and then completely trust Him.