Have you ever been in a cave where there was no light at all? Maybe you thought that it was so dark you could actually feel the darkness. That’s how dark it was in Egypt when God sent the ninth plague. Exodus 10:22- 23 describes this plague. “So Moses raised his hands into the air and a cloud of darkness covered Egypt. The darkness stayed in Egypt for three days. None of the people could see each other, and no one got up to go any place for three days. But there was light in all the places where the Israelites lived.”

The ten plagues attacked the Egyptian people’s beliefs in their gods and showed that their gods were false. That is especially true with the plague of darkness. One of the most important Egyptian gods was Ra, the sun god. This god was a symbol of Pharaoh and his power. So the plague of darkness was an attack against this god and against Pharaoh.

When the plague was over, Pharaoh again told Moses that he would not free the Israelite slaves. He also told Moses that he never wanted him to come to him again. This led God to bring one last terrible plague on Pharaoh and the Egyptian people.

The plagues showed the Egyptians that their gods were false. In the same way, the Bible shows us our sins. Read the Bible and pay attention to it today!