David’s Song

Many years ago I sang a song that was based on some of the words from Psalm 37. I was curious about the words, so I read all of Psalm 37 from my Bible. Since that time, this song of David has been one of my favorite Bible chapters.
A few years ago, a friend of mine gave her life to Jesus. Recently she told me that Psalm 37 is one of her favorite chapters, too. So I would like to dedicate this series of devotions to my sister in Christ, Ruth.
David faced many problems in his life. But he was always able to remember that God was with him. Many of his psalms (songs) remind us about God’s wisdom and protection.
For the next five days we will look at Psalm 37 and learn some important lessons from David’s words. Each day our Bible Reading will be several verses from this psalm. At the end of the series, we will have read through the entire chapter. I hope Psalm 37 will become one of your favorite Bible chapters, too. But most of all, I hope these verses will encourage you to always depend on God.