Day of Pentecost (1)

After Jesus went back to heaven, many of His followers stayed in the city of Jerusalem. Jesus had told them to stay there until they received God’s promise of the Holy Spirit.
Our Bible Reading tells us that Jesus’ followers were in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost. This Jewish holiday was fifty days after the Passover. Many Jews from other countries were in Jerusalem for the celebration. Verses 9-11 list the different countries that these people came from. While Jesus’ followers and the other Jews were in Jerusalem, God sent His Holy Spirit to give power to His followers.
After the men received the Holy Spirit, they were not afraid any more. Peter boldly preached to the people. God’s Holy Spirit gave Peter the courage to tell the world about Jesus.
On the Day of Pentecost more than 3,000 people were baptized (verse 41). This was the beginning of the church. That day was a wonderful day of salvation for many people.
Our job is to tell the whole world about Jesus. Then more people will be added to God’s church.