Day of Pentecost (2)

Wonderful things happened on the Day of Pentecost! The apostles were able to boldly speak about Jesus. Remember that the people in Jerusalem were from many different countries. They spoke many languages. Acts 2:6b says, “They were surprised because the apostles were speaking, and every man heard in his own language.” Wow! All those people were able to understand what Peter and the other apostles said.
When the people heard the apostles speak, they were amazed. Peter told the people that many years before, the prophet Joel said that these things would happen (Joel 2:28-32).
Then Peter started telling the crowd about people in the Old Testament. These people had said that a Savior would come. Peter told the Jews that this Savior was Jesus, the man they had crucified. Then the people were sorry that they had killed Jesus. They asked Peter what they should do. Peter explained to them how they could have their sins forgiven.
Every day we have opportunities to tell people about Jesus. Share the Good News with someone today.