Deaf Man and Jesus

In our Bible Reading today, we read about a deaf man who met Jesus. Some people saw Jesus, and they brought the deaf man to Him. These people begged Jesus to heal the deaf man. And Jesus healed him.
This is a wonderful story of healing. However, I think there is something even more wonderful in this story. The best thing that happened in this story is that the deaf man met Jesus.
Many deaf people in the world today are happy to be deaf. Many deaf people, including myself, do not consider deafness a ?handicap.?
Duane King, Director of Deaf Missions, has said, ?The worst handicap is to stand before God on judgment day and not have Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior.? Duane is right.
I am sad that many deaf people have not met Jesus. There are many hearing people that have not met Jesus, too. We need to be like the people in our Bible Reading today. We need to bring people to Jesus.