Deaf Spirit

In our Bible Reading, we learn about an evil spirit that controlled a young boy. The evil spirit caused the boy to fall on the ground, foam at the mouth, grind his teeth and do other things that hurt him. Verse 25 of our Bible Reading tells us that this evil spirit also made the boy deaf and mute (not able to speak).
The best part of this story is that Jesus commanded the evil spirit to leave the boy?s body. And the evil spirit left the boy! How did this happen? How was Jesus able to do this? Jesus said in verse 29b, ?That kind of spirit can be forced out by using prayer.? Jesus depended on prayer to help Him heal the boy.
Prayer is very important. Christians must depend on prayer. Both deaf and hearing people face struggles, challenges and troubles in life. Praying to God will help us overcome these problems.
Are you facing problems today? Share your struggles with God. Pray right now for God to help you overcome these struggles.