Deborah’s Tree

Our Bible verses today tell us about a woman prophet named Deborah. She was also a judge over Israel. Deborah was probably a very wise woman.

Verse 5 says that Deborah sat under a palm tree. People came to her and asked her what they should do about certain things. God spoke to Deborah and helped her judge the people wisely.

King Jabin of Canaan defeated the Israelites and was very cruel to them. The Israelites asked God to help them. The rest of Judges, chapter 4, tells us that Deborah and a man named Barak gathered an army of 10,000 Israelites. With God’s help, they defeated King Jabin’s army.

God spoke to Deborah and helped her lead the army and judge the Israelites. Today God speaks to us through His Word, the Bible. When we read and study the Bible, we learn how to obey and follow God. What will you learn from God’s Word today?