Deborah’s Tree

Our Bible Reading today is about a woman prophet named Deborah. Deborah was a judge of Israel. She was probably a very wise woman. Deborah sat under a palm tree. People came to her and asked what they should do about certain things. God spoke to Deborah and helped her judge the people wisely.
King Jabin of Canaan defeated the army of Israel. For twenty years he and his commander, Sisera, treated the Israelites very badly. The Israelites cried to God for help. God heard the prayers of these people, and He told Deborah how to overcome Sisera. Deborah and a man named Barak gathered an army of 10,000 Israelites. With God’s help, they defeated Sisera’s army.
God does not speak to us today like He talked to Deborah. But we can still talk to God through prayer. We can learn what God wants us to do by reading the Bible. It is very important that we come close to God through prayer and Bible reading. I hope that you can come close to God today.