Decisions (1)

When my husband died, one of our sons was in high school and the other son was in college. Suddenly I had new responsibilities and decisions to make. I also needed to work through my grief.
I felt overwhelmed. I did not know what to do. Finally, I realized that I needed to ask God to help me. One of the biggest decisions I had to make was whether I should stay in our house or move to another house.
My husband always had a dream of moving into a small house when our sons were grown. I felt that those plans had been destroyed. But as I read through Isaiah 61, I felt God was giving me an answer. In these verses Isaiah encouraged the people of Israel. He said the things that had been destroyed would be built again.
These verses helped me decide to move and to fulfill my husband’s dream. I knew that all I needed to do was to trust God to guide me.
I hope that you will trust Him today, too.