Decisions (3)

We all have decisions to make every day. We decide what clothes we will wear or what we will eat for breakfast. We also face important decisions like buying a house or choosing the person we will marry.
When I was growing up, my parents let me make many decisions myself. They would say, “It’s up to you, Cindy. It’s your decision.” Sometimes I enjoyed this freedom, but other times it was hard because my parents did not give me any advice about these decisions.
That’s why I was happy when I read verse 11 of Psalm 86. “Lord, teach me your ways, and I will live and obey your truths.” God doesn’t just leave me alone to make decisions. He is willing to guide me and teach me how to live.
God will teach and lead you, too. Give Him your life, praise and worship Him, and let Him guide you. I hope you will decide to follow God today.