Decisions (3)

Very suddenly I became a widow. I faced many new situations. When something needed repaired in my house, I called someone to fix it. But often the repairmen took advantage of me and charged too much for their services.
Sometimes I walked into a store, and people pointed at me and whispered to each other. I knew that they were talking about my husband’s accident and his death.
I felt very lonely and sad. I felt like David when he wrote Psalm 31. In verse 2a, he said, “God, listen to me. Come quickly and save me.” David went on to describe the ways people were taking advantage of him.
But in verses 14-15a, David said, “Lord, I trust you. You are my God. My life is in your hands.” Whenever I felt that people were taking advantage of me, I remembered to pray these words. Soon my fears went away, and God gave me wisdom to make better decisions.
Remember that God is with you today!