Decisions for 2006

This is the last day of 2005. Today many people around the world will think about what they will do in 2006. These people will make resolutions or decisions to do certain things in the new year. They may decide to lose weight or exercise more or read their Bible every day.
Our Bible Reading today is about a man who made a resolution to follow Jesus. This man from Ethiopia read from the book of Isaiah. Philip explained to him that Isaiah was talking about Jesus. Philip then told the man how he could receive salvation through Jesus. Philip baptized the Ethiopian man. The man was happy about his decision to follow Jesus.
I hope that you will make good decisions about 2006. Maybe you will decide to attend a Bible study or find a new place of service in your church. Maybe you will decide to be a better husband or wife or parent in 2006. If you are not yet a Christian, I hope you will decide to start following and obeying Jesus in 2006.
Happy New Year!