Depend on God

I finished my grocery shopping and pushed my cart out of the store. Then I headed to the nearest bus stop to wait for a bus.
There was a shelter at the bus stop, but I couldn’t use it. A large bumble bee was trapped inside the shelter. I didn’t want to get stung, so I stood outside the shelter and watched the bee. The walls of the shelter were transparent, and the bee kept buzzing around and hitting the walls. Eventually the bee found a way to escape the shelter.
Sometimes I have a problem in my life. But instead of asking God to help me, I try to solve the problem myself. Then I am like the bee, flying around and hitting my head on the walls!
Our Bible Reading today tells us that God is wise and He is our teacher. We should depend on Him for answers to our problems. Verse 101 says, “You keep me off of the wrong path every step of the way. So I can do what you tell me, Lord.”
Depend on God today. He will help you do what is right.