Depend on God

Verse 1 of our Bible Reading says, “Protect me, God, because I depend on you.” Why did the writer of Psalm 16 say that? Because people around him were saying good things about God. But they were worshiping false gods and offering sacrifices to them. The writer wanted people to know that he still worshiped and served God.
The writer also talks about how God blesses him when he depends on Him. First, God gave him all he needed (verse 5). Second, He taught the writer how to live (verse 7). Third, God stayed close to Him (verse 8). And fourth, being with God brought him happiness (verse 11).
I would like to have those blessings, too. How can I have those blessings from God? I can depend on Him every day. When I depend on God I will be happy and feel safe.
Thank God today for the many ways that He blesses you every day. Stay close to God and make Him most important in your life.