Depend on God

My daughter and her fiance were planning their wedding. They wanted to fill their wedding with things that showed that they were depending on God to bless and strengthen them during their marriage.
Psalm 16 tells us some important things about depending on God. First, when we depend on God, we should realize that everything we have comes from Him. “You are my Lord. Every good thing I have comes from you” (verse 2b). Second, we need to remember that when we depend on God, He will always be with us. “I always remember that the Lord is with me. He is here, close by my side” (verse 8a). Finally, depending on God means that He will show us how we should live. “You will teach me the right way to live” (verse 11a).
I hope that you will make the decision to depend on God today. Stop trusting in yourself and start living for Him every day!