Depend on God

My husband and I moved to a new house. When our Internet service was connected, my husband set up my computer. I filled the shelves with my Bibles, books and files. I sat down to write a devotion. Then I realized that I did not have the data sticks where I store information from my computer. I searched, but I could not find them. I became frustrated and worried.
Jesus told an important story in our Bible verses today. These verses tell about a woman who lost something, too. This woman had ten coins, and she lost one. What did she do? “She will take a light and clean the house. She will look carefully for the coin until she finds it” (verse 8). I was worried, but I decided to keep looking and trust God to help me find the sticks. The next morning I remembered where I had put them.
I know that I can trust God to help me — with both the big things and small things in my life. Depend on Him today. God will never fail you!