Depend on God

Elijah was a person who loved and obeyed God. He served God as a prophet. Elijah did many exciting things for God — gave God’s messages to kings, faced enemy armies, challenged false prophets, raised people from the dead, called down fire from heaven and parted the Jordan River.
When God told Elijah to do something, he obeyed. In our Bible Reading today, we learn that God punished the Israelites by stopping the rain. “I promise that no dew or rain will fall for the next few years. The rain will fall only when I command it to fall” (verse 1b).
Then God told Elijah to go to a place near the Jordan River. Elijah got water from a small stream. God commanded ravens to bring food to Elijah. In this place, Elijah was completely dependent on God.
It is very important for us to rely on God to take care of us every day. Are you depending on Him today?