Depend on God

I married when I was young. At that time of my life, many things scared me. One night my husband was gone. I lay in bed and listened to the sounds inside and outside my house. Close to midnight I thought I heard footsteps outside my bedroom window. I was so scared that I could hardly breathe. I didn’t move. I just listened to the sounds outside.
Some time later, my husband returned home. I was shaking as I told him about the footsteps I heard. He knew right away what I heard. Wooden ladders had been set up outside our house for the men who were roofing our house. A cat had been climbing over these ladders. I was so afraid that the cat footsteps sounded like human footsteps.
At that time, I was a Christian. But I was not depending on God very much. However, God was with me during those hours I was scared. This experience taught me that I needed to rely on God when I am afraid. I know that God will take away my fear and give me peace.
The Israelites in our Bible Reading today were very scared. God took care of them. God will take care of you, too.