Most Bibles say that Psalm 69 was written by David. He must have written this at a time when he was very depressed. He said things throughout the psalm like “I am about to drown” (verse 2), “I have more enemies than the hairs on my head” (verse 4), “My face is covered with shame” (verse 7), and “People tell jokes about me” (verse 11).
But even though David was depressed, He remembered that God loved him. In verse 13, David said, “As for me, this is my prayer to you, Lord: I want you to accept me! God, I want you to answer me with love. I know I can trust you to save me.” David ended this psalm by praising God for all He did for him.
We all go through times when we are sad or depressed. Maybe we are sick or facing financial problems or someone we love has died. When we feel like this, we need to remember to reach out to God, like David did. God will help us and remind us that we are not alone.