The writer of Psalm 74 tells us about the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. The temple was the place where God’s people worshiped Him. But the Israelites disobeyed God. So He allowed their enemies to attack Jerusalem and destroy the temple. “They burned down your holy place” (verse 7a).
After Jesus died and returned to heaven, God established His church. The church is made up of people who love and obey Jesus. Every day the devil tries to destroy the church. He attacks Christians all around the world. The devil encourages people to turn from God and worship him. And the devil tries to stop Christians from sharing the Good News about Jesus.
What should we do about the devil’s attacks? Should we give up? No! We need to be like the writer of Psalm 74 and remember that God will be with us to help us. We need to pray and keep spreading the news about Jesus. I hope you do that today