Devotions (1)

I have been the editor of Daily Devotions for the Deaf for almost eleven years. Today and for the next few days, I will share with you some things I have learned from my job as editor.
I love to write devotions. When I am driving down the road and I see a tree, I think about devotions I can write about trees. When I am reading Bible verses, I think about how I can use those verses in a devotion. But some people hate to write devotions. They struggle with what to write about or how to say it.
God did not make us alike. Each of us has different talents and interests. In our Bible Reading, Jesus told a story about three servants. Each servant received some money. The servants were to use the money in a good way while their master was gone. The servants’ money is like talents that God gives us. He expects us to use our talents in His kingdom.
What are your talents? I hope you are using them to serve and honor God today.