Devotions (2)

Almost every person on the Deaf Missions staff is involved in producing Daily Devotions for the Deaf. And many people outside of Deaf Missions translate the devotions into other languages. A lot of people work together to make sure that you can read these devotions every day.
If you are a Christian, you are part of God’s church. But if every Christian leads a Bible study, there are no people to feed the hungry. Or if every Christian works in the church nursery, there will be no one to visit sick people in hospitals.
In our Bible Reading, Paul compared the church to the human body. He said in verse 14, “A person’s body has more than one part. It has many parts.” Paul goes on to say that we all can’t be the same body part. Just as a body has many parts, the church has many jobs for Christians to do.
God has given each of us a special job to do in the church. Let God use you to help His kingdom grow.