Devotions (3)

I have a special file where I keep devotions that people send me. When it is time to start working on a new devotion book, I look through the devotions in the file and choose the ones I want to use. After I select the devotions, there are usually only a few devotions left in the file.
As I am working on the new book, I start to think about the next book. I wonder if I will have enough devotions for the next issue. Through the weeks, more devotions come in, and I put them in the file. By the time I need to begin another book, the folder is full. God always provides!
This reminds me of our Bible Reading today. Elijah asked a woman to give him some bread. But she only had enough flour and oil to make bread for her son and herself. So Elijah said, “That jar of flour will never become empty. The jug will always have oil in it. This will continue until the day the Lord sends rain to the land” (verse 14b).
God provided for the woman and her son. And He provides devotions for our book. God will take care of you today, too.