Devotions (4)

The other day a retired pastor called me. He told me how much he appreciated the devotion I had written for that day. Wow! That really encouraged me. Sometimes I get notes in the mail telling me that Daily Devotions for the Deaf has helped someone be closer to God. That encourages me, too.
Writing and editing devotions is part of my job. If no one ever encouraged me, I could still be the editor of the devotion book. But it is so nice when people let me know that the devotions help them. That makes me happy and encourages me to write even more devotions!
As Christians, we need to encourage each other. Verse 24 of our Bible Reading says, “We should think about each other and see how we can help each other to show love and do good things.” When we encourage each other, we share God’s love and help others want to share God’s love, too.
Look for ways today to encourage other Christians. Remind them that God loves them. Help them to keep serving God.