Devotions (5)

When I am finished with a devotion book, I give it to two proofreaders. These people read the devotions and look for errors. We try very hard to find things that are wrong in the devotions. But we are human, and we make mistakes. So sometimes you will find a misspelled word or the wrong Bible reference in a devotion.
It is important that words are spelled correctly and that we use good grammar. But it is even more important that the devotions agree with the Bible. I do not want to write something that does not agree with the Bible.
In our Bible Reading today, we learn about people in the city of Berea. These people “studied the Scriptures every day. They wanted to know if these things were true” (verse 11b). The Bereans heard Paul and Silas tell about God. Then these people read the Scriptures (Bible) to make sure what Paul and Silas said was true.
We should try to be like the Bereans. Study the Bible every day so you can know God’s Word and obey it!