Billy asked his dad, ?Why do Christians have to be different from other people in the world? Why can?t we get angry and upset like other people? When someone hits me, I want to hit back. When people call me names, I want to call them names, too.?
Billy?s dad asked Billy to sit down and talk with him. He chose two chairs. One chair was hard and uncomfortable. The other chair was soft and comfortable. ?Which chair do you want to sit on?? asked Billy?s dad. Billy chose the soft, comfortable chair. Billy?s dad sat in the metal chair.
Billy?s dad explained, ?People are like these chairs. Some are hard and cold (unloving). But Christians are warm and comfortable. When people want to know more about God, they ask Christians to tell them about the Bible. They don?t ask people who become angry and upset.?
Jesus showed us that we should be warm and loving like Him. Our Bible Reading today talks about that kind of love. If we have that kind of love, people will want to know more about Jesus.