I teach math at a big college. My students are deaf, hard-of-hearing or hearing. Some students use sign language while others speak foreign languages. Some can walk and others use wheelchairs or walkers.
People might call some of my students disabled. But I see how hard they work and how successful they are. I don’t think they are disabled at all!
But all people are disabled spiritually. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, this was the beginning of sin. Sin keeps us from having a close relationship with God. In our Bible Reading, David asked God to remove his sin. He said (verse 2), “God, scrub away my guilt. Wash away my sins. Make me clean again!”
Without God’s forgiveness, we are spiritually disabled. That’s why God sent Jesus to die for us. When we accept Jesus as our Savior and obey Him, our sins are forgiven. Then we can have a new life and be close to God!