Our Bible Reading today is about Eli and his sons. Eli was a good man, but his sons were evil. These verses tell us some of the bad things Eli’s sons did. Eli told his sons that they were doing bad things, but they refused to pay attention to him (verse 25).
Another Old Testament man was King David. He was a good king, but he was not a good father. David was a great leader, but his family was filled with jealousy, lies and rebellion. 1 Kings 1:5-6a tells us about David’s son, Adonijah.
“Adonijah was the son of King David and his wife Haggith. Adonijah was a very handsome man. King David never corrected his son Adonijah.”
David loved his children, but he did not discipline them in God’s way. Because of this, many bad things happened to David’s children. Several of his sons were murdered.
These two examples show us that it is very important for us to discipline our children. We should discipline and teach our children to follow and obey God every day.