When my son was four years old, he spread mud all over our new truck with a paint brush. He did not want his father to discipline him. But we knew that we needed to teach him a lesson and change his behavior. (My son is an adult now, and he still doesn’t like paint brushes!)
In verse 66 of our Bible Reading, the writer asked God, “Give me the knowledge to make wise decisions. I trust your commands.” Why did he ask this? Because he had done many wrong things and learned that he needed to obey God. “Suffering was good for me; I learned your laws” (verse 71).
Children need their parents to discipline them. In the same way, we need God to teach us and show us the right way to live. God is good, and He is a good teacher. “Your teachings are worth more to me than a thousand pieces of silver and gold” (verse 72).
Pay attention to God and let Him lead and discipline you.