I still remember the last time my mother spanked me. I was outside playing. She called me to come inside. She called many times, but I was hiding under a bush!
I deserved to be punished. If I had come to the house the first time my mother called, I would not have been punished. My mother loved me. She wanted to teach me right and wrong. After she disciplined me, I never hid from her again.
God loves me even more than my mother loved me. Because God loves me so much, He wants me to do right things. But sometimes He needs to discipline me. God does not want me to live a life of doing wrong.
Most parents do not enjoy disciplining their children. Often parents say, “This [discipline] hurts me more than it hurts you.” God feels the same way. He doesn’t enjoy disciplining us. But He loves us and wants us to learn to obey Him.
Don’t forget that God loves you. He wants You to obey Him every day.