Our Bible Reading today tells us that the Israelites faced a terrible situation. They had disobeyed God. They had married people from other nations. Ezra, God’s servant, was upset about this. Many times God had punished the Israelites for disobedience. Ezra knew about God’s great power. So, Ezra humbled himself and asked God to forgive the people.
The Israelites decided to obey God again. They repented and accepted God’s forgiveness. The Israelites sent away all the foreign people so their children would not grow up and marry them. Then God allowed the Israelites to “be strong and enjoy the good things of the land” (verse 12b).
We can learn from the Israelites. When we disobey God, we need to repent and ask Him to forgive us. God will forgive us, but He also wants us to stop disobeying Him.
Take time today to thank God for Jesus’ death on the cross. Because of His death, we can have our sins forgiven. Praise God for His love and goodness!