Do It!

I am a computer programmer. Every few years I need to learn a new programming procedure. I read books about it to make sure I understand the new concepts and format.

One time when I learned a new procedure, I was pretty confident that I knew what I was doing. I tried working with a very short program, but I couldn’t even write the first line of the procedure. That experience taught me that there is a big difference between knowing facts and using them correctly.

When God gives us a command, He doesn’t tell us to just go and think about it. Instead, God tells us to do it! Our Bible verses tell us that it is important to obey God. We can read and study about prayer, but the best thing is to start praying. When Jesus was on earth, He didn’t just talk to people with fancy words. He went out among the people, healing them, praying for them and forgiving them.

Don’t just read God’s commands today — obey them!