Do Not Fear

Recently there have been many floods, tidal waves, hurricanes and earthquakes. When these things happen, it is easy to forget that God is our protector.
I used to be really scared of storms. If I saw one dark cloud in the sky or heard thunder in the distance, I would start to pace the floor and chew my fingernails.
Then one day a friend said, “Do you believe that God will protect you?” I answered, “Yes, I do.” I knew that was the right answer, but I also knew my faith was weak. I started praying and asking God to help me trust Him when storms happened. I read God’s promises of protection in the Bible. Eventually the storms stopped bothering me.
Verse 7 of our Bible Reading calls God “the Lord All-Powerful.” This means that God is in control of everything in nature, even the storms. I am not afraid of storms any more. Why? Because I know that the One who controls storms is always with me.