Do Not Hate

Jacob and Esau were twins. Esau liked to be outside and to hunt. Jacob was happy to stay home. Because Esau was the oldest son, he should have received a special blessing from his father. But one day Jacob put on Esau’s clothes. Then he went to see his father, Isaac. Isaac was old and almost blind. Isaac gave Jacob the special blessing. Why? Because he thought he was blessing Esau. Jacob was wrong to trick his father.
When Esau learned that Jacob had received the special blessing, he was very angry. Verse 41 of our Bible Reading says, “After that Esau hated Jacob because of this blessing. Esau thought to himself, ‘My father will soon die, and there will be a time of sadness for him. But after that I will kill Jacob.'”
Even when people do something wrong to us, we should forgive them. God does not want us to hate other people. God wants us to love everyone – especially people who hurt us. If we love those people, then we are showing God’s love.