Do Something!

I live in a place where it is illegal to pump my own gasoline at the station. So I always wait for the attendant to come and fill my tank with gas.
Once I was on a trip. I stopped at a gas station and waited. After many minutes, I thought, “Maybe they are ignoring me because I am from a different state.” Then I noticed that people were getting out of their cars and pumping their own gas. I realized that I was in a place were it was okay to pump your own gas.
Many times in our Christian lives, we need something so we just wait for God to come and do it all. Maybe we pray, but that’s all we do. But when nothing happens, we blame God for not taking care of us.
Sometimes we need to do something in order to receive God’s blessings. The blind man in our Bible Reading had to go and wash his eyes before he could see. In another Bible story, Peter had to get out of the boat before he could walk on the water with Jesus.
Be sure that you are doing God’s work today.